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Admissions Policy

Admissions Policy-Espanol

Adoption of the CDPH COVID Testing Guidelines

Adoption of the CDPH COVID Testing Guidelines – Español

Animal Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy-Espanol

Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws

Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy – Espãnol

Behavioral Support Procedures

Behavioral Support Procedures-Espanol

Black History Month Resolution 2024

Board Member Expectations Contract

Board Member Expectations Contract- Espanol

Board Member Nomination Policy

Board Member Nomination Policy-Espanol

Board of Directors Code of Conduct

Board Resolution Honoring LGTBQ+ History Month

BVA Safe Return to In Person instruction Plan.

Charter Petition Renewal 2018

2022-2023 Community Handbook

Community Code of Conduct Interaction Policy

Community Code of Conduct Interaction Policy-Espanol

2023-24 Comprehensive School Safety Plan

Comprehensive School Safety Plan- Espanol

Conflict of Interest Policy

COVID-19 Handbook 

COVID-19 Operations Report

Dispute Resolution Policy

Dispute Resolution Policy- Espanol

Dress Code Policy

Educational Equity: Immigration and Citizen

Educational Equity: Immigration and Citizen-Espanol

Education Protection Account (2023-24)

Education Protection Account (2021-2022)

Educator Effectiveness Block Grant 2021

Expanded Learning Opportunitues Program Plan Guide

Status Policy

Employee Handbook 2023-2024

English Language Learners and the Reclassification Policy

English Language Learners and the Reclassification Policy-Espanol

Enrollment Options for 2021-2022

ESSER III Expenditure Plan

Expanded Learning Opportunity Grant

Family Friendly Benefits Policy

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Notice

Homeless Education Policy

Homeless Education Policy-Espanol

Independent Study Policy

Independent Study Policy-Espanol

Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan

Local Control Accountability Plan 2020-2021

Local Control Accountability Plan 2021-2022

Supplement to the Annual Update to the 2021-2022 Local Control and Accountability Plan

Local Control Accountability Plan 2022-2023 

Local Control Accountability Plan 2022-2023– Espanol

Local Control and Accountability Plan: 2023-24 Annual Update and 2024-25 LCAP

Paid Parental Leave Policy

Politica de Suspensión y Expulsión

Procedural Safeguards Policy

Proclaiming October as LGBTQ+ History Month

Promotion Retention Policy

Promotion Retention Policy-Espanol

Resolution Proclaiming Intolerance to Racial Harassment

Resolution Proclaiming March 2024 as Women’s History Month

SARC 2022-2023

SARC 2022-2023 Español

School Staff-Student Interaction Policy

School Site Council Bylaws

Special Education Local Plan

Staff Background Check Policy

Student Cell Phone Policy

Suicide Prevention Procedures

Suicide Prevention Procedures- Espanol

Suspension and Expulsion Policy

Suspension and Expulsion Policy – Espanol

Technology Use Policy

Technology Use Policy- Espanol

Title 1, Part A Parent and Family Engagement Policy

Title 1, Part A Parent and Family Engagement Policy- Espanol

Title IX Policy

Title IX Policy-Espanol

Uniform Complaint Policy and Procedures

Uniform Complaint Policy and Procedures-Espanol

Universal Pre-Kindergarten Plan 2022-2023

Video Recording Policy

Video Recording Policy- Espanol

Volunteer Policy

Wellness Policy

WilliamsPolicies & Procedures 

Williams Policies & Procedures – Español

Youth Suicide Prevention Policy