Bay View Academy


Mission & History

Our mission

We build strong, collaborative relationships to fuel a diverse, inclusive community committed to lifelong learning.

Bay View Academy (BVA) is a public, independent K-8 charter school, free and open to all students. BVA was initially authorized by the Monterey County Office of Education in 2011.

Founded on the core principles of community, innovation, and a passion for learning, BVA offers a broad academic program using thematic-based instruction.

Enrichment offerings include physical education, art, music, and performing arts, and Spanish.

 Our Vision

Empowered global citizens building meaningful lives

and community.

Technology and engineering have been at the forefront of Bay View Academy’s development. 

In conjunction with the Monterey Bay Aquarium of Research Institute and Monterey Makers, Upper School students participate in an annual BVA TechFest. Students are provided with opportunities to work with professionals, exploring 3D Printing and CNC machines, Arduinos, Augmented Reality, mBots, Underwater Rovers, and 3D Printing Pens, to name a few stations.

At our Lower School, students participate in Engineering Day. Through our community partners, our youngest learners have the opportunity to spend the day immersed in hands-on engineering challenges that will allow them to build, investigate, and create.

BVA teachers develop and teach lessons that go beyond state standards. By focusing on differentiation in the classroom, we have continued to work towards closing the achievement gap, and meeting the needs of all of our diverse learners. In addition, Bay View Academy’s community partnership philosophy flourishes, with a multitude of off-site field trips enhancing our students’ educational experience. 

Bay View Academy has successfully implemented Restorative Practices, which allow each member of our community to develop and implement BVA’s core values and allows individuals who may have committed harm to take full responsibility for their behavior by addressing the individual(s) affected by the behavior. In working to avoid such behavior in the future while creating an inclusive BVA community, our goals are to promote peace, develop mutual respect, empathy, and cultural awareness of ourselves and all community members.

Our Community Support Counselors support student social-emotional growth and development by teaching social-emotional skills during classroom lessons, providing mental health counseling for students and resources for families. Our counselors work with small groups of students and individuals providing them with skills to navigate the complexities of collaborative learning, individual accomplishments, and peer relationships.



What Parents are Saying

“I can’t image a more supportive and wonderful community! I am so grateful to be part of such an amazing school like BVA!” 

Zoe Caruthers

“Thank you to you all for making sure our kids are taking care of.
BVA is by far the best as always”

Nora Wayman

“Thank you BAY VIEW ACADEMY CHARTER SCHOOL staff for the care and commitment to our future leaders!!!!”

James Velarde


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Lower School: 222 Casa Verde Way, Monterey, CA 93940

Upper School: 190 Seeno Street, Monterey, CA 93940

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Option 2 – Upper School

831-920-0887 (fax)

Email: [email protected]